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I started doing my family tree a few years ago. I was warned to expect a few skeletons, and they wasn’t wrong.

When my nanny Addis died, mom saved a box of photos, well that is what we thought it was, until I took some  of the photos out and found a thick black envelope. As I knew everything in the box was delicate, I was very careful when retrieving the contents.

To my amazement, it had birth and death certificates  in it. One in particular puzzled me greatly. Then I remembered when I had looked on a census, and noticed a lodger. It was his birth certificate. hmmmmmmmmmmm I thought to myself.

I can go back further than the people I am going to talk about now.

Richard E Addis was born about 1859, in Walsallwood. He married Charlotte Nutting who was born about 1860. Richard died in 1892. There were many children, and I have photos of them outside the Beehive,  Hall lane Walsallwood, where they lived, now I need to do further research to find out if they moved into it before it was flats, or did they convert it to flats?

My granddad, Ernest Addis was born in 1900,Ding dong, My brain went, dad died in 1892, So who was his dad. The lodger, we worked out. It looked like he took the Addis name, I cannot find a marriage at all for him and Charlotte, but she would have taken his name. Also I am not sure if the child, born before granddad, was Richards or the lodgers.

I have loads of question on a list about them all, and I am in contact with one of the grandchildren of my grandfathers sister.

My granddad was a little ginger haired man, whom I remember fondly, sitting in his chair, smoking his Park Drive Cigarettes. He was affectionately known as Soss. I can remember him coming home from work,  going in the pantry, and with his pen knife, which he always carried, Slicing a bacon rasher off the quarter of pig hanging in there.

My Nan, had an air of grandeur about her, I will mention that later on. She was a short stout woman, who always wore a hat. She came from Madeley in Shropshire. She was the eldest of five children. She came to the Walsall area to be in service to a business Family in Walsall. I am having trouble remembering who the family were, but will add it when I have looked at my files.

Nan and Granddad lived at 188 Lichfield Road, Shire Oaks. My Dad, John Addis, and his sister Nita were born there. Although, everyone knew my dad as John, his full name was Ernest John Addis. Also living in the house was my granddad nephew, Willy or Monty, I believe he was a shunter at the pit.. He even went on honeymoon with my Grandparents. Later on he worked at Aldridge Plastics, I found out he also worked at the BRD too. He had a gammy leg, due to having polio when a child.

Granddad Soss, drove the Lord Kitchener, At Walsallwood colliery, I remember mom taking me to the track, when we lived on Clayhanger to wave to him. He had lost the end of his one fingers, because the young lad that worked with him shut the fire door on it.

I am still not sure why I do not remember my granddad relatives,  maybe never met them. I remember my Nans family from Shropshire. I know that one of the Addis sisters went to the Wirral to marry a man, last name Plant. This research is still ongoing on the Addis side.

Granddads sister Sarah, had a shop, where the steps are now on the bridge in Walsallwood. That was where the roads used to be to Hall Lane.

I am aware of another Addis sister who went to live in Dover.

In the box was an account about Charlotte, Great grandmother, Giving evidence in court at the inquest to her sister’s death. She had a brain bleed and fell down stairs. I think I am correct in saying It was at the blackcock pub, but I will look that up again and correct it, if untrue.

I used to work in Hall Lane, and walked past the Beehive everyday, and was unaware that my relatives had lived there. So while I am visiting the area at the moment I shall have to venture to the Walsall archives to investigate further.

Research I have to do on this side of the tree, Is still vast. Even though I have gone back the late 1700’s. I am having major problems finding my Nans birth cert. I recently went to Shrewsbury Archives to find out more, as Nan was  a Wesleyan Methodist. Could I find her, NO. I found the marriage of her parents, 1915. She was born In 1913, cough, cough. I am aware they may have not registered her. On her marriage cert, it says she was a fancy leather worker, We are only aware of her in service, and then she got married. So that needs looking into, I do have photos, of her in service with the family she worked with. Another thought, was she lied about her age when she got married. In all of the certs I have, her birth cert is not there. I cannot send for a new one unless I have the reference number. I know they got married at Cannock registrar office.

I also have letters from my Nans Brother during the war. I will publish these at a later date.

I know Soss was in the home guard, as I have all his paperwork, which was a great find. Also something to do with a fire man at the pit, during this time.

I remember fondly going to the Top Oak, Public House to meet Granddad and walk home with him. Nan used to make him Cheese and Onion crusty Cobs to take with him.

That is it for the moment, until I find more out about this side of the tree.




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