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Addis/Milward family

Now then, a very interesting thing,if I say so myself, has turned up. I was having a shufty through ancestry, and found a tree with my Addis and Milward family on. Urrrrmmmmmmmmhh, I am thinking as the first people I saw where in Australia.

So I go back to my Great Great Grandparents, and it seems that one of Elizabeth Milward’s siblings went to Australia. So more delving me thinks.

When you think about it, back in the 1800’s, it must have been a very scary thing to do. I am wondering if they went as part of the farming alliance that I found out about the other day?


Also, I have made contact with someone, whose dad is my granddad’s cousin. I was so shocked. but getting all the Photographs I have scanned and sent to his son. I do hope his dad can put some names to them. as no one else is alive to tell me.

The joys of doing your family tree.




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Had a drive around Stonnell with Mom the other day, and it was wonderful to hear her stories. We started at the Church in Stonnell looking for her grandparents graves, My nan couldn’t afford a headstone, but mom is sure where they are, we had a choice of four with no headstones. She knows they were opposite her Aunt Violet, but I need to contact the church warden to find out for sure.

It is a beautiful little church, All my family got married there, I remember nans funeral too, even the postman came.

Stonnell is a small village , I remember it well as a child, but this is moms story, not mine.

After a good walk around the church yard and a lot of mom going I remember him or her, we drove down church road to the vicarage, I randg the bell to be told by a very nice lady it had been sold over thirty years before, and they no longer had a vicar, but shared one with shenstone. So sad.

We arrived at a new built bungalow, where mom used to live and was born.

This is what mom had to say:

Before I was born, there was a refugee that was at The kirkhams and her name was Janet Hall, and my brother John wanted a Janet Hall, So that is how I got my name.

Janet Hall was born at Rose cottage, Church Lane Stonnell Walsall Staffs, On 21st May 1941.  Her parents were Frances verdon Hall and John William Hall, known as Jack. Also in the Cottage was Her brother John, who was 7yrs older. also living with the family were her grandparents Mr and Mrs Keay.

The Cottage was done up by her dad, he built a veranda on the side of the cottage, which had a tap in it, and a sink in it. There were two rooms down stairs, one was where the cooking took place. outside was a brew house where the washing was done.

It had Two big bedrooms, there was two double beds in each. They didn’t have much money but they were happy. A house full of love and always clean washing.

My early memories are of my grandfather talking me outside and seeing the search lights from shenstone, they were where the AID used to be, years later it may have been the reliant factory.

I always went to Sunday school and eventually joined the church choir, the vicar then was, Mr Peter Talbot, and later on

Mr Ward Davies.

I remember running home for my school books one day and hearing my grandfather in pain, mom said he wasn’t well, the doctor came and he was sent to hospital, where he later died.

I used to spend a lot of weekends with my Aunt Hilda and Uncle Jack, who lived in warren place Brownhills. We used to go out to different places. I had a cousin Joan who I am still in contact with, she lives in Fleetwood now.

Mom had my sister Susan a few years later

At the age of 11 I went to Walsall wood school, where I met my future husband. John Addis. More on that later.

later on my mom had Linda, she was born at Aunty Hilda’s, when she arrived home Linda caught whooping cough off Susan and was taken to Moxley isolation hospital, and didn’t come home for two months.

We then moved to 148 main street Stonnall. I wasn’t there long before I got married to John. Mom and dad lived there for many years until Dad died and moved into a flat opposite, it was 136 main street Stonnal, where she lived till she died.

I was friends with Mary white, Anne busby, Jenny Nicholls, who used to help me get ready when we went out. It was a close community, and we all knew each other, we went to the pictures and the youth club together.

entering Stonnall church with mom.This is the area of the graveyard where mom's grandparents are.

It made mom very sad as she couldn’t remember out of the four unmarked graves, which two were her grandparent, Her mom couldn’t afford any headstones, and grandad Keay was pulled to church on the back of a cart.

Mom's aunty

This is the grave of mom’s aunty Violet and her husband John Whittaker. Now aunty Violet married her sister Hilda’s father-in-law. get your head around that one.

This was Rose cottage where mom grew up, All the land before the hedge belong to the cottage when mom was there.

where mom grew up

As it stands now, nothing like it used to be.

Original hedge that was there when she was a child.

This was the hedge that was there when she was growing up, I was amazed how she knew, but she did, her Grand father used to cut the hedges around the lanes for the Council, till he died.

just down from Rose cottage, on the junction

moms words:

your Nan told me that was the wall Humpty Dumpty fell off, and I believed her for years. Just down from this are some new houses and mom said there used to be a style their going over the fields.

Mom and Dads Wall

This is opposite the shops.

148 Main Street Stonnall, Mom and Dads House.

After Dad died, Mom moved into the flat Opposite. It still has the centre of the lawn cut out where Dad had his rose trees.

136 Main Street Stonnall

This is where mom moved to after Dad died. It was the upstairs flat. this is the first time I have visited since mom died.

I am hoping to get more details off my mom from her life on the village, I would like to thank her for a wonderful,although sometimes upsetting day. For sharing things I never knew.

I am adding my bit now.

I remember going to my Nan and granddad’s and having loads of fun in the field behind their house. granddad was a special man and the bond we had was wonderful. I was allowed in his shed, ok, it was only once, but no one else apart from my dad went in it.

Aunty Dot, (Smith) lived next door and Uncle Alec , Joanne used to play with my sister and myself. Aunty Dot moved into the flats too, but on the other side of the road. there used to be a short cut down the ally toward the garages to the shops, gosh the chippy used to be good. I can remember going to the shop to get my Nan’s cigarettes. I will think of the name later. Nan always sharpened the knives on the doorstep, over the years there was a groove in it.

I will keep adding to this when I get more stories.

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