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Addis/ Davies family

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, is what comes to mind, what a trail this has lead me on. Ernest Addis, Born Walsalllwood, Married, BeatriceĀ FlorenceĀ Davies,born in Madeley,Shropshire. So we all know that we will find things out, that were never talked about within families, but gob on legs here, told my dads cousin that his grandparents got married after his mom was born. Now that was 2 years after my nan was born.

I started this thread quiet a while ago, and not one skeleton, but a grave yard has come out the cupboard.
My nan was the first born then my gt Aunt Edith, then parents got married, (I assumed that Jonah was their father). I recently sent for my Nan’s birth certificate. I cannot say I was too surprised when it came and there was no father on it. So until Aunt Edith cert is sent for I will not know who her father was.

So I now have to question am I related through the paternal line to the Davies family. Although we were all a very close family, and didn’t know till now, about this event. I suppose Sherlock Holmes would have an answer.


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