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Came into our family, not long after Sheena had got to the Rainbow bridge.  Mom, Dad and myself, went to somewhere in Wolverhampton way, in our reliant robin, to see a litter of boxers.

It was a ‘bit of a  rough’  area we went to. I was so excited, but had to behave my self,and mind my P’s and Q’s. We were taken into the kitchen and there they all were. Loads of boxer puppies. WOW.  Which one would Mom and Dad pick. 

They all came rushing to the front of the small puppy box, apart from one. A little brindle bitch, who just stayed up the corner watching what was going on. Dad picked up a beautiful male one, he was going to be huge. He wanted him so much. Then mom, said I want that one. The little brindle bitch sat up the corner. She was the runt of the litter the man said. It didn’t matter what she was, Mom fell in love with her.

Her tail had been docked to short, and seemed so tiny compared to the others. Dad paid the money and off we went.

She lay inside mom’s cardigan, shivering and scared. she kept whimpering, and doing little sighs, I swear she has tears in her eyes.

Now, my sister didn’t know anything about us fetching a dog, as she was at a netball match. We had arranged between us what would happen when she came home. I would be in the back garden with the dog and Dad would tell her to go and get the washing up done. The kitchen window looked out on to the back garden.

When she arrived home, Dad was waiting in the hall for her. He had his stern voice on and told her to get  in the kitchen and do the washing up. I could hear all this in the garden, He was getting on at her, she was insisting it had been done. As she got near the sink, she looked up and saw me in the garden with the puppy. Her school bags went in the air, she ran as fast as she could to me and scooped the little mite up in her arms. We were all laughing and crying together.

We named her Penny, and she was just wonderful.

I will add more about the exploits of this wonderful friend and companion at a later date.


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my dogs stories

I will be adding loads of stories of the antics they did and do get up too. please leave your stories too.

My first encounter of a dogs was our Sheena, A big boxer girl. My dad got her off a man who he worked with. It belonged to his son, and she was shut in the bathroom all day. So one morning we got up(Dad worked nights) and there she was. My memories of her was sleeping with my head on her.

She was a wonderful tan colour and in my eyes the biggest dog I had ever seen.

That is how I started to love boxers.

On Sundays, We used to go to Sutton park for a walk. Now, our Sheena was so quiet, never barked, But when we reached the Island just before the entrance to Sutton park, she would go mental. If the traffic was queuing, it was a nightmare, it was as if she was shouting at them to hurry up and move, as she was in her favourite place.

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