Life stories

Just my memories of the stuff I did. May have to split it into childhood and adult memories.


Family tree

I think this one will be interesting. very full of aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggg, where are they.

I started my family tree,after I was given a box of old photos from my nans after she died. Well, what a box of worms it was.

I will put some family photos on here soon.

I am researching: Addis, Keay, Davies, Hall, France, Hill.

Well what a bunch they were too.

my dogs stories

I will be adding loads of stories of the antics they did and do get up too. please leave your stories too.

My first encounter of a dogs was our Sheena, A big boxer girl. My dad got her off a man who he worked with. It belonged to his son, and she was shut in the bathroom all day. So one morning we got up(Dad worked nights) and there she was. My memories of her was sleeping with my head on her.

She was a wonderful tan colour and in my eyes the biggest dog I had ever seen.

That is how I started to love boxers.

On Sundays, We used to go to Sutton park for a walk. Now, our Sheena was so quiet, never barked, But when we reached the Island just before the entrance to Sutton park, she would go mental. If the traffic was queuing, it was a nightmare, it was as if she was shouting at them to hurry up and move, as she was in her favourite place.


hope this  will be in the correct one.

I will like people to post about the crafts they do.

I have been doing Tunisian crocheting lately and I love it.


Well I have finally done it. Set up a blog.

There will be spelling mistake, bad punctuation,but I don’t care as long as It makes sense.

I hope that people will add comments, but nasty ones will be deleted.

I hope you will put your thoughts and stories in the categories sections, and I hope this will be a happy blog to be on.

I would like to add, I was inspired to do a blog by reading Brownhills bob’s blog. so a thankyou to him.

When I get the hang of this blogging stuff, I hope, my blog page will be fab.